Who We Are

Since the inception of Sarjan in 2010 start-up led by Director Mr. Pravin Pandey and Managing Partner Mr. Jitendra Gothi, Sarjan team has been focusing a lot in bringing innovation in the industry of uniforms & work wears. The idea is to brainstorm around how we can make people more effective powered with a feeling of uniformity & equality that bring along at their workplace in the form of work wears.

The idea is more inclining towards making your teams highly fashionable, productive, and effective. The benefits of work wears are reflected across the organization in the form of promotional branding, conveying the sense of professionalism and utmost dignity. Sarjan has been making things easier by helping organization to select the right fabric, right pattern that describes their branding and messages across the target audience. 

Sarjan team smartly blending the flavour of fabric engineering within workwear attire etiquettes is helping clients to implement distinctive workwear clothing style across the organizations. We have supported many schools, fortune 500 companies, factories, hotels, corporates helping them select the right work wear pattern and style. We have enabled them with wide range of adopting modern T-Shirt styles for their employees, clients, partners, ground marketing force and also management staff.


The word “Sarjan”depicts – “Creation”

“The whole difference between construction and creation is exactly this: that a thing constructed can only be loved after it is constructed; but a thing created is loved before it exists”

Charles Dickens
Yes we love this word of creation. We love what we create. Our creation depicts our expertise.

  • 2014 –It all started with one fine sunny day in June 2014 – Our Managing Partners Mr. Pravin Pandey and Mr. Jitendra Gothi childhood friends, crime partners, college going nerds played a cricket match against a team which was dressed up with sports uniform T-shirts. In Spite of best bowlers, champs, freak batsman in team they were terribly defeated by the opponent team. This event ignited them to think and analyse about reasons  of defeat. They realized that all played well and delivered their equal share, commitment while batting in the first innings. They were unable to find the cause of defeat.But when observed the whole opposing team on stage with all dressed up in similar T-shirts, Caps they realized that this uniformity made this weaker team travel extra mile to convert their defeat into winning.

    This incident let these people to create a startup called “Sarjan” which would merely focus on producing sports T-shirts for sports players. Our first order was of 100 T-shirts and we took 50 days to deliver the same. It had nothing to do with our production capacity or abilities. We were stuck at suggesting the client with design, color, pattern that connects describes their team strength in the form of T-shirt pattern, color, design, logo and all.  But believe us our intention and goal was to deliver some uniqueness along with team branding. The day client received our delivery – he was amazed looking at the quality of T-shirts and on the same day he ordered us another 1000 TShirt order. This was our first business case wherein we planted our strong roots with a motto taken on our head high that whatsoever would be the case we will never compromise on quality.

    In September 2014 we established our company “Sarjan Enterprise”. Since then we strongly believe What we wear has a real impact on how we feel about ourselves. And that, in turn, influences our work – our confidence, creativity, ability to focus and collaboration.

  • 2016 –We established our own brand called “Sarjan” – covering the workwears in the segment hotels, sports, school uniform T-shirts, corporate wears, event wears and much more. We scaled up our team started from 2 people to 8 people team covering our production unit, marketing, accounting delivery man etc.
  • 2018 –We scaled up our manufacturing unit by acquiring 800 Sq. Feet of office cum factory in the industrial area of Ahmedabad equipped with some of the best Knitting machines, experts, tailors, hand pick masters & Nerds of T-shirts stitching anatomy.  We scaled up our team to 20 people team now having our own goods transport vehicles in house. Today we are producing more than 30000 to 40000 T-shirts every month for our esteemed clients.Our workwear engineering focus is always in a direction to bring something innovative on table for our clients. Everyone goes to work. But whether they are able to access all their talents, skills, passion, creativity, wisdom and intuition depends on many factors, including how comfortable and confident we’ll feel about what we’re wearing. The workplace is changing. And more and more workplaces are realizing the value of allowing employees to express themselves through what they wear. Hence our vision is to connect the emotions of your consumers with your brand. Our vision is to make your team look extremely professional when they are on projects.


By 2023, we are aiming towards a goal of extending our supplies to 18 countries across the globe ensuring we innovate some of the fine homemade fabric quality of T-Shirt that delivers engaging experience with brands.


Our vision is to bring on table worlds best quality of T-Shirt fabrics for our clients. We are very aggressively moving further to scale up our T-Shirts designs & Manufacturing capacities. We strive to become global workwear leaders by leveraging distinguishing quality of T-shirts, workwears adopting latest trendy patterns that help our clients deliver engaging branding message in the form of workwears. 



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