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Since the inception of Sarjan in 2010 start-up led by Director Mr. Pravin Pandey and Managing Partner Mr. Jitendra Gothi, Sarjan team has been focusing a lot in bringing innovation in the industry of uniforms & work wears. The idea is to brainstorm around how we can make people more effective powered with a feeling of uniformity & equality that bring along at their workplace in the form of work wears.

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Ignite your brand with ethical workwears !

T-Shirt Fabric Manufacturing

We enable our manufacturing team with some of the fine finished cotton, linen, polyester, matti, Rayon, Lycra, Poly/cotton blends.Learn More »

Workwear T-shirts

We have supplied branding T-shirts to almost every segment of worklife covering corporates, factories, schools, colleges, dance groups, event companies, Learn More »

T-Shirt Ribs & collars

There are different styles and patterns of ribs and collars when it comes to choosing the right workwear. Right from elastic rib, double line rib, two flat spaces rib, lined rib etc. Learn More »

Bulk T-Shirts Supply

We have some of the best seasoned, master tailors, design experts inhouse those who are capable of keeping our manufacturing on for 24 X 7Learn More »


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